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  • micro fibre mini roller

    hello Microfibre

    The earliest rollers used on doors were mostly one-off. Until now many painters are stilling using this kind of roller. When they apply oil-based paints and need to make choices between throwing away and washing…

  • IMG_0962

    Say goodbye to Rota Cota Brush

    Rota Cota was once my workhorse for quite a while. Actually, brush brands here in Australia are various, say local brands, like UniPro, Rota Cota, ABC,Shelleys, Rocket, oldfields, not to mention exotic ones, almost all…

  • homebrand caulking gun

    The homebrand caulking-gun can kickass!

    A lot of my painters say my caulking gun is too heavy, bulky. They already change their caulking gun to new generation! I was wondering, is that Dripless IS400 come into the market? I use…

  • no more gap

    no more gap