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As market value for new properties soars up, second hand units becomes more of a preferred option in the market. Then, fresh-up or standard painting maintenance is involved as an economic way to add value before the property is taken to the market. As seen quite often in unit structure, popcorn ceiling is a normal occurrence in Sydney housing and meanwhile gets on to the nerves of many people when it comes to maintenance. Part of reason is because the uneven ceiling gets dust and dirt more easily compared to smooth surface. There is no surprise that a thick layer of dust could coat the cottage cheese ceiling within five years and then the white appearance just does not look as bright and vivid as it used to be. This ceiling is actually not easy to clean. People are more likely to choose fresh-us using paint in this condition. Even with painting, there is more than one way to get the job done. Some people suggest doing spray as it is quick. I also recommend this in new building structure considering not as much protection is needed as we do with second old properties. However, if your house needs a proper fresh up, I still suggest you use a roller to pull it off, with better coverage and durability. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, spray requires a lot time spent in covering furniture and glass and still cannot 100% eliminate the risk of having paint accidentally dirty your possessing. Especially when wall is not included in the job, you could easily mess it up with spray. Secondly, considerably amount of paint ends up being wasted in more than one way during spray and the spray itself does not give as much pressure on the paint to let it cling to the popcorn surface, compared to a roller. Also, as spray has to give a thin layer of paint so as not to drip or build up, then normally 2 or 3 sprays cannot come up with a satisfying color performance. Moreover, noise, health and environmental concerns could also rule off spray painting in the practice of popcorn ceiling maintenance.
Spray is theoretically a good solution but people opt for traditional roller painting on basis of above considerations. To me, whatever way you go for, I have a few suggestions applicable invariably.
1. Empty your room, not only to reduce the risk of incident but also to save time spent in covering.
2. Popcorn ceiling is quite a consuming work in terms of both time and material. To paint areas with the same size, popcorn ceiling costs six times as much as normal ceiling, so the owner has to be financially prepared for maintenance.
3. It is suggested that a two-bed unit with popcorn ceiling be maintained either overall or left undone. The reason for that is doing popcorn alone could really cost you a half comparing to doing the whole unit.
Once you have taken into account all above factors and decide to go ahead, improved procedures and workmanship in dealing details of popcorn surface is then our concern.

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