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Office painting counts for 45% of commercial paint jobs, characterized with fewer trims or features than residential property, people, small-sized office owners in particular, intend to pull it off by themselves, while most of time ends up screwing the whole thing up and paying more for getting a professional team in. No deny that offices are not as complex as household premises. Normally two highly qualified painters can be a perfect team and finish a 2 room office within 2 nights. However, as a layman, you can hardly realize how important some seemingly subtle things are.
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Firstly, offices more focus on integrity. Considering the fact that no much decorations count to a plain office, the performance of wall is comparatively important. The shining and smooth surface extends your visual sense of space and helps build up a fresh new office environment. In comparison, a small bump on the main wall can be awkward and ruin up the whole job. Inexperienced persons can rarely notice this in the process and it has been too late when they meant to enjoy their achievement after the final coat has been applied.
Secondly, inadequate preparation leads to office disaster in most cases. Budget job always comes with cheap paint and minimal protection. Some people either have no idea on picking the right thing to cover right area or find it time-consuming to do so. For example, taking newspapers or used curtains as the cover can easily have paint drops getting onto carpet.

Thirdly, people do not know how to cope the area from wall to ceiling. Considering that wall and ceiling require paint of different kinds, straight lines and natural transition count toward a perfect and integral office job.

Finally, touch ups, clean and disposal makes your job tidy and beautiful. While, details involved in the final stage will take me at least two pages of writing to cover everything, so you are welcome to email me if you have any problem, and I am more than happy to give advice.

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