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As a staple in business of painting and decoration, paste is involved in doing wherever surface, say wall and wooden items, mainly to fill up gaps and smooth up the surface. Outsiders simply reckon paste is all the same, while the fact is that paste is quite different in level of roughness. Tough paste has no gloss, applying to wall while fine paste is shimmering, preferred on wooden and metallic items.

I saw many people, unaware of the difference, simply using the same paste on both wall and wood sidings, which is certainly making the job earlier, while sadly, causing problems afterwards. Paste with big particulars, mostly consists of … and adhesive. After applying it onto wooden surfaces, then even use the finest sandpaper to sand it, it is still hard to get a smooth and even surface. Also, this kind of paste is rigid after it dries up, although with the protection of paint, it can easily crack after frequent touches.
Over the past 10 years, we have been using a local brand paste “Builder’s bog”, which comprise 1 &2. We mix them up in appropriate portion, stir well before applying them onto wooden surface. Two minutes later, it dries up. Then with a bit sanding, you can hardly tell which part is wood and which is patching, since they are so similar in density and rigidness in term of performance. All in all, it dries fast, perfect in performance, which is why we have been using it all the time although it is pricy. To outsiders, a headache is how to use it. With excess of 2, it gets as solid as a stone even before you stir them well, but if you do not put enough of it, you are going to wait all the afternoon for it to dry. Also, sometimes it is too late to realize you are not using a right portion, so by the time you apply it onto the subject, you need to double your job by coving the REB 2 and trying this part from the very beginning.
However, does builder’s bog perfect and get the best level of our requirements? And would it be the top level and non-rival for 10 more years? Let’s talk about the demerit points of builder’s bog:
1. The red activator is too hard to control, especially for the amateurs, you add it more, the paste will dry fast as hard as rock before you finish patching, plenty will be waste. You add it less, the paste will dry slow to make you wait it dry for the whole day, and yes, some body tried before and he really wait it for the next day to apply paint on it.
2. It dries like a rock, we like it some time, but it that necessary to make a patch area harder than the substrate itself? It would be too hard to sand smooth by normal sandpaper, it usually happens like this, you sand down all the edge of the substrate but you didn’t sand down the patch area itself. Irony right? It happens.
3. The red color after we mix 1&2. We normally use it to patch the white shining windows or doors, but after patching and painting, 3 coats usually can’t cover the color of red.

So here are our expectations:
If the builder’s bog can mix the activator and paste well from beginning, anyone without experience can use it strait away, no needs to worry about to add more or less activator.
If the builder’s bog can be a little bit soft, not too much, just a little bit. Harder than normal paste and softer than stone, our sand paper can easily sand it down.
If the color of builder’s bog can be a little bit lighter, cream or white would be perfect, so we can make a full coverage with 2 or 3 coats paint.

Is there any product can meet these in the market? Yes! When we choose new product last year, Zinsser MH READY PATCH come into our eyes, this product is the second surprise Zinsser company offer us after the legend product Cover Stain. MH READY PATCH(MRP) is a light cream color paste, mix well, ready to use, 10-15 minutes dry time. It meets what we ask for: 1, easy sanding. 2, dry harder than normal, 3, easy to cover by paint.
The slightly slower dry time than builder’s bog give us enough time to patch a good job, and make the job easier to finish too.
More important thing is, MRP could work both inside and outside, inside it seems very strong, and outside it turns to be very flexible, sometime we wondering, the builder’s bog is too hard when dry, would it crack or break? Even timber and stone would crack sometimes under the sun. However, it is just an imagination, I haven’t heard the builder’s bog will crack under the sun.
If you need a paste to finish a quick job or simple job needs to be done as soon as possible, choose builder’s bog, it dries fast. If you have plenty area to patch and you ask for a detail job costs time, I recommend MRP, it wouldn’t let you down in either criterion.

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