Does the ceiling paint quality matter?

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Ceiling is the first procedure of house painting. Customers often keep an eye on the wall and ceiling as it is always hard to process all corners while standing high on the ladder.

To me it is not difficult to handle but does that mean you can use any ceiling paint as long as it is flat white? Does ceiling paint quality matter? What kind of ceiling paint is recommended? What character of your ceiling paint are you looking for?

To get quick ceiling finish we need the ceiling paint drying fast and powder looking, good coverage and being dead flat, In some old houses we also need to consider about the substrate. If the ceiling protentially slightly expands or shrinks with the change in temperature(of course a little bit), we have to use the high quality ceiling which drys stretchy.

Does ceiling paint dry stretchy? Are we asking too much? It depends on your quality standard and how long you expect it to last. We need the ceiling paint lasting longer, no crack, no peeling, and also we make 10 year warranty.

Let’s firstly get to the two most popular ceiling paints and see what characteristics they have and which one goes better.

We often use Dulux professional ceiling paint for both new and repainted house. It always works well, easy to apply and of course it dries stretchy, when you open the unstirred paint bucket, you can easily see the emulsoid float on the pigment which takes up almost 10% of the whole bucket paint. It needs well stir and mix before getting ready to use. We can easily see the design of this paint, dry stretchy and flexible! However, some old house have yellow ceiling, old and chalky. We often apply 3 coats of Dulux professional ceiling paint to get fine finish, sometime even 4 coats. When we change the ceiling paint to Taubmans Tradex ceiling paint, 2 coats is super fine, save time and material. Does that mean Taubmans Tradex is better than Dulux professional ceiling paint? When you open the paint bucket, not stirred, you can see Taubmans Tradex ceiling paint is very even, full of pigment, and no float on it. Yes, the heavy pigment makes good hiding, especially in old house situation. It makes your job finish easier, and the paint lasts 3-4 years with non-crack, non-peeling, no problem. How about 5years later or 10years later then? I don’t think so. Some painters blame it on the substrate preparation when the paint surface problem comes up, I agree that it counts a lot, but does top coat paint quality not matter at all? We need to think about what the customer would think when the crack and peeling happens.

Both substract preparation and top coating matter!

Dulux professional gets good quality but bad hiding sometimes, because the emulsoid mix in the pigment makes it lack of hiding, costing more labor hours and making the job un-effective.
Taubmans Tradex ceiling paint gets full pigment with super hiding but drys with non-stretchy. We have more things to worry about in the future. (Of course in new project houses, Taubmans Tradex ceiling paint is always contractors’ favourate for its economic and fair performance.)

I tried to paint the ceiling using both, or even mixing them together, Half-Half. Now we get both good hiding and dry stretchy result. Yes it feels super and straight away!

I also researched on other ceiling paint brands. The Wattyl ceiling paint works more like Dulux, but a bit more thicky. The Berger ceiling paint achieves better result with surprise! Berger gold label ceiling paint gets more pigment and also have slight translucent emulsoid float on the pigment, it’s quite enough for us to get good hiding with 2 coats without worring about the dry stretchy in the future.

Yes, I have been using Berger ceiling paint so far for old houses, and Taubmans Tradex paint for new project houses. I’ll keep an eye on new products and update my favorate list.

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