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Do you use writing board at your office or home? Traditionally we bought a vinyl white board and hang it on the wall in the kitchen to mark down the shopping list, or set one in the children’s room to let them draw and fun, that’s it. It takes up space, probably not fitting into a small area in the kitchen or children’s room. Another matter is the board color, only white? How about black or even blue? People would wonder if they could build such a wall that can be easily wrote on, mark off and then erase, and don’t need buy the board and worry about the size and color. Actually, with the increased cost of space, people are looking to it as a desirable solution in the borad room, kitchen and other areas. However, this product is still like a new born, when you serch online, you will hardly find a paint product that meets your expectations.

We just finished an CBD office where the meeting room needs a dry erase whiteboard. As this is also new to me, I firstly contacted a couple of large paint stores that I have frequented a lot, I need a product that dries strong and hard, can be mark on and easily erase off. However, you can hardly find this kind of product, the only similar one is the new product by Dulux named Dulux design chalkboard, and it is for chalk writing and the only paint color is black! How limited and bad environmental it could be then. We want all colors available to apply and we want the wall surface using ink pens to write on. Is there any product that could be found in Australia?

No, there is no this kind of product in Australia, however we found one in USA, and an Australian company import it to our land. We are glad we found the solution Ideapaint.

The product needs special treat of the wall by professional painter, first we need to clean the wall and use an interior sealer applied on the wall, sand it smooth and wipe all dust down. Also, the wall has to be completely sealed to achieve an even and non-porous surface, so a good quality primer sealer is required. We highly recommend you use the wall primer that correspond to the expected color of the ideapaint top coat, and that would make it easier to get the perfect color performance.

The ideapaint board paint is packed by kit, each kit can cover 4.6 square foot.This product feels more like epoxy paint, thick and dry hard. It dries fast so we need to finish the final coat quickly, for the texture reason, we also advise you to paint the edges using a mini-roller. Masking tape all the corners would handle this easily!

I would say this paint feels more like normal paint, can be tinted in all colors, low odor, dries hard and gets life-time warranty. The flip side is it always comes with high material cost.

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