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Most affordable households are looking for a best paint, then what is the best one?

Some of people insist that price is indicative of quality and thus choose the most expensive. As far as I know, Porter’s Original Paint should be a most costly paint. Based on years’ experience, I want to make a brief review on different lines of Porter’s Paint.

Porter’s Paint official claim that, zero VOC, zero toxic chemicals, and you could not feel any smell both during and after the project.
• Most of Porter’s Paints are water-based and so it does not have the strong smell of oil based-paints.
• Manual work goes through every step of the paint-making process, from preparation, color combination to .
Then, can we make the conclusion that it is perfect? Actually, during numerous trial and work, we could still find out the strength and weakness.

Firstly, let’s us take a brief look at its merits.
• Gloss and semi-gloss paints of Porter’s have much stronger coverage capacity than ordinary paint. They could seamlessly cover up dark color without any difficulty.
• Ultra-Flat paints of Porter’s have comparatively strong coverage capacity, natural color and smooth coating.
• Natural components of Porter’s Paint make it easily dissolvable and so allow us to wash out remaining paint on the brush within a couple of minutes.

However, the low content of latex in the Porter’s Paint leads to less than enough rigidity. For example, Low Sheen Paint has lovely gloss and color, but the fragile surface is non-resistant to frequent scratches and could even be damaged by stains. It feels more like a baby and lacking protection.

Anyway, there are so many terrible problems coming up with Porter’s paints which never happened on other paints. It seems Porter’s Paint is very fussy on the foundation of the surface which need to be paint. If some part lack of primer, problem show off, though the porter’s paint all marked “self Primer”; If some Porter’s paint got thinner in it, even water, it cracks when it’s dry! As we can see from the following project where I was called up to help fix up the problem 9 or 10 days after the painting job was finished and certainly the last painting team was sacked.

We are always looking for a natural paint which does as little as possible harm to the family, and in particular, the kids and the elderly.

However, if we look still further, we need to get more “protection” with other prime paint brands although most of them have smell and could temporarily make us feel uncomfortable especially in the processing of painting. Therefore, my thought is that Porter’s Paint should instead be used in the museum, the exhibition hall or places where scratches and stains could seldom occur. Porter’s paint used in our house better at board surface such like new gyprock board or express board. It is not compatible all kind of surface, but only some with good condition.

We will still keep an eye on Porter’s Paint and give more comprehensive and justified assessment on its performance in the future.

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