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Quite often, I get phone calls of customers who make enquiries on which one is the best paint. I have got to say it is such a long answer that customers have bare patience to listen. If I just give a brief answer, I would feel irresponsible and ethically wrong.
The very reason is that every paint brand has its strength. An appealing paint for use in interior wall might not be that desirable when used for doing the outside and the roof. Therefore, what is best for us really depends on circumstances. This is quite like something we are frequently asked, say “who is the best athlete?” People are more likely to give different replies on different fields, like running, weight lifting, swimming, etc.

When it comes to a painting project, we need to consider the structure, the surface, the location and other particular stuff. This is a must. It is not a wise practice to either disregard the difference or have an absurd affinity for a specific paint brand.

The same thing applies to the price which does not explain everything either. However, it is still a recommended method to select the top level product after you have decided to use a brand for a particular use, say in walls, woods, and exterior wall and pillar surface. The rational is that top level products for a particular brand undeniably go through numerous R&D, comparative analysis, thus making the most of what it is best at. Obviously, it can be seen that that is still chance to select the wrong product as you might have elected a wrong brand for your ceiling, for example. Anyway, a good understanding of product character is a prerequisite for successful initiating the painting project.

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