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Rota Cota was once my workhorse for quite a while. Actually, brush brands here in Australia are various, say local brands, like UniPro, Rota Cota, ABC,Shelleys, Rocket, oldfields, not to mention exotic ones, almost all of which I have tried. As far as I am concerned, Excel series for Rota Cota should be one of most desirable ones. It is a pity that such a brand simply does not have its own website.

I am quite into them, so pretty often, I use 3 and 2.5 inch straight sash brushes for all water-based painting except for water-based enamel. It feels like Rota Cota is a sniffer filament, which is made from nylon and polyester, using the existing mainstream technology. The black bristle looks more like the hog bristle, but more tidy and smooth while you have it in your hand.

It saves a lot more time when I use it for cutting the walls as it has a good balance between rigidness and softness, thus making it easy to use for the whole day. Even for the “heavy” flat paint, Rota Cota could still keep its perfect shape for handy painting. To speak of the cutting style, Rota Cota is blunt cutting instead of sharp cutting. Rota Cota is quite an unbreakable brush. I once made comparisons by grouping a couple of brands together, dipping them in the wrong fluid chemicals, flushing them in the boiled water and rewashed them after days. Rota Cota was the only one staying unchanged in shape and function.

I had a Rota Cota was used for 3 years. Finally, I gave it away because its fliment became shortened due to tear and wear. However, as fashion comes and goes, we are always updating our tools. Speak of performance of new tools, I think it is time to say goodbye to Rota Cota. Rota Cota is good for blunt cutting, but when it comes to narrow corners and edges, Rota Cota feels like too blunt. This is especially noticeable for straight sash brush.
Rota Cota is less inclined to change its shape but just has below than average paint holding capacity. When it is for thick spread, 3 inch Rota Cota could easily carry away the paint we just had paved on the wall surface.

But anyway, Rota Cota is an excellent local brand, as can be seen by its lasting high sales in the domestic market. Quite a few old hands are very keen on it. Also, it has price advantage, around $20 in comparison to $30-40 famous brands.

I have decided to disuse this set of tools although it is stable, durable and handy for beginning learners. In my opinion, Rota Cota should still be a good choice for DIY and the entry level users. When finally I disuse the Rota Cota, I will still keep old ones around. Having them as dust brushes is much better than giving them away…lol…

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