Would budget paint be a trouble maker in the future?

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In the market place, there are various paint products with both advantages and disadvantages for each. It is hard to tell which brand it is simply from the visual effect. Here, I’d like to share my thoughts on the quality of a paint product. Generally, the good paint carries fewer toxic chemicals and could last longer. No matter what brand you used, it is hard to identify the difference. To dwellers, products with the ability to last longer are always preferred. However, when required to choose a particular brand, one would also take price, ability to cover and ease of use into consideration.

In other words,no one can tell any different after you paint 3days with the budget paint.
When you have your new house newly painted, it is seemingly perfect anyway, but how about it after 3 years? People may begin to complain it is peeling, cracking or skinning, etc. This definitely relates to the quality problem no one is willing to encounter. Sometimes, problems will start to surface even in 3 months. For example, when there is a noticeable stain on the wall and you are trying to remove it with a wet towel, you may surprisingly find that the paint is gone as well. There is no surprise that paint can be washable on the day it is painted. However, if it can still be easily removed after a couple of days, it is not normal. The only explanation is that there is something wrong with the paint. No wonder that your house has a bit of change, becoming unclear, yellow or even dark. What is that the case?
That fact is that almost all paint used for new properties is not high quality paint. Given the pursuit of lower cost, most building developers prioritize amazing visual effect instead of the paint’s ability of lasting. As a matter of fact, not only developers but also potential houses owners pay more attention to appearance, structure, location and landscape. When you have cleared your payment, it is too late for you to begin realizing that paint is having a direct effect because they are so close to you.
This reminds me of a 300-unit project where we were contracted for the maintainance touch-up. The color-fading problem was so obvious that we had to spend numerous hours repainting some of the entire wall bodies. Actually, we would have repainted small fractions. If this case applied to your own house, you would have to paint your house once again.
If you want to keep your home uplifting all the time, you are advised to paint your house every 5-7 years and every time you just need to maintain it by using the spray method. Then what you are expected to consider is what paint brand to use. If the house is for personal use and require a higher quality standard, no fading, washable and lasting longer, you’d better use paint of superior quality. While, if it is for renting, there is relatively lower quality requirement of paint. Therefore, it really depends on what the paint is being used for.

There are some photos taken at the situation that all the old paint fade, and new paint looks like totally different color, we have to repaint all the walls. The house just painted 2 years. The good paint shouldn’t let this happened.

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