Paint after installation or paint by sections?

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We worked with a lot of builders, they organize the job in different ways. Some of them are willing to make the different crafts arranged in order, specific type of work done and following by the other. Some of them prefer arrange the crafts enter the field by time slots according to needs of particular reasons. Which way is more effective? Various types of people have different opinions.

If we follow the order of construction jobs, painting is almost the last step. All of the work has been done and nothing would be the obstacle, straight work normally very quick. Most construction new homes building work like this. However, this also sometimes caused difficulties and imperfections. For example, when the majority of the construction used scaffold, scaffold to carpentry, render convenient, but also brought a lot of convenience to the painter. If scaffold were removed before the painter enter in the field, where obviously inconvenience occurs .Meanwhile, many doors, skirting boards, if you install the trim before painted, it will inevitably cause inconvenience and omissions. In many cases, the painter needs the aid of other types of tools and work by the time slots of building.

Would it be better if we act the other way? For example, if we paint before the door is installed, we could carry out a 360-angle finish, ranging from the right surface, the siding area, the top to the bottom line of a door where we normally feel hard to reach. Also, it saves us having to use both brushes and rollers for one area, with resulting imperfect marks. However, on the other hand, if we allow crafts working together, we may end up using more time for completing a project. For example, for a job we would have finished once and for all, now we have to operate for a couple of times due to the complex sequential arrangement. Also, it has a much higher requirement for management skills. If problems involved in any of procedures arise, the whole project will get paralyzed. In addition, flexible capital flow is another big challenge as it involves more than one interested party and requires much more work to coordinate.

Fortunately, wise developers fully considered both way, by applying an acceptable level of division they could accomplish more with less waste. In comparison, some home owner builders are generally inexperienced in allocating time and assigning the right person, leading to argument and even conflict between different crafts. Here, I have identifies a couple of areas builders should pay more attention to:
1. Share the scaffold as more as possibly we can while still making sure the whole process functions well
2. If a particular operation generates the obvious dust and smelly chemicals, it should not be grouped together with painting
3. Clean-up, trash removal and all stuff dealing with floors should be carried out after all painting work is done.

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