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old paint

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Years ago, I saw an interesting contractor. Every time he finished a project, he would keep some amount of remaining paint in a 1 liter can, attached with all related information on a tag, such as color, project location, customer, etc. The can was named as “touch up” container. He was trying to ensure that original paint could be used in the case of “touch up”. I agree that no paint would match better than original one if later “touch up” becomes a necessary. Also, when the numerous cans came up in front of me, I was shocked and strong sense of respect aroused immediately in my mind. These cans would be kept for 3 years, since the warranty was 3 years.
Over time, as my experiences and eyes broaden, I have new perceptions of work ethic. As a matter of fact, I kinds missed out a common sense—the period of preservation.
Most paint, no matter how good it is claimed to be, keeps fresh for around one year, let alone the uncovered paint. When you open a paint can that has been left a long time, what you find is nothing but disgusting smell. Will you still want to put it on the wall?
Therefore, to me, once a can of paint is opened, we better use it within 3 months.

I took photos of some paint leave for 3 years, it was as ruin as hell.You can see it yourself. Would you still wanna to spread it on the wall or ceiling? no way!

After we complete a project, we could alternatively create files on the computer, and store relevant information in them. After a regular check and update, we could always retain and retrieve these date essential to customers.
For customers who do not have an idea of original paint, if they still want to use the same color while repainting it, it is suggested that they should go to a professional trade center where color matching is performed via right equipment, thus ensuring that there is no subtle difference in the color design. This is because humans could make mistakes, no matter how experienced you are.
Every success comes from details.

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