The homebrand caulking-gun can kickass!

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homebrand caulking gun

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A lot of my painters say my caulking gun is too heavy, bulky. They already change their caulking gun to new generation! I was wondering, is that Dripless IS400 come into the market?

I use dripless Is300 Heavy duty caulking gun for years, never made mistake and well controlled. Each compression can be stopped by release the trigger and press the back button if there’s still flowing. They recommend me to try a new one which is on special price at3D inspiration.

It was a suprise when I see the gun. It’s a cheap gun, plastic made and light, looks wimpy. I didn’t think it would outperform my dripless IS300. I try a whole day with it in caulking about 50 door frames in 3 new constuction houses.
I was totally wrong.

Yes, the new gun is like a “homebrand”. Cheap, and not rigid. Contrast to the heavy gun, it flow the sealant with single trigger squeeze continuous but stop just by release the trigger, no need to press the button. Its lightness make it easy to hang by your pants or ladder. When you caulk a cupboard with mirror like surface, if you wanna to be accurate, the dripless IS300 is still a best choice. But if you meet a uninterrupted caulking job such like just enter a large new construction field. Especially as a professional painter, you deal with caulking every day, I think the “homebrand” gun wouldn’t let you down.

It may not last as long as dripless and easy to break apart, but I don’t mind, it makes me caulking faster than before and say goodbye to heavy arm and tough thumb.

Limit: The home brand caulking gun is lighter duty, just suitable to do some normal gap filler. If you use it to do some Oil silicon, it would be infirm and weaky

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