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Porter's Original Paint

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If you paint for years, you may get to used the odour of paint, no matter oil or acrylic. Some of the painter I know who even can’t feel the turps odour. We have to admit we lost some sense during painting. Image you walk on your way home after work, people may tell when they get close to you, not because of your working cloth, but the smell of your body.

We paint a inhabit luxury house that owner with two kids quite sensitive with the paint odour (everyone sensitive at it, but they can tolorate it). I decide to use the Porter’s original paint.

The paint for wall is 100% acrylic but ZERO odour! Working in a non-smelled enviroment, if you ask me how does it feel, I would say: it’s not amazing, it’s unbelieveable! A lot of modern paint advertise as “Low VOC”, but still slight odour that you can’t say you feel nothing, but this paint, absolutely zero odour, zero VOC.
You get use to the odour doesn’t equals you can’t feel it. When the odour suddenly disappear, you can feel easy time than ever before.
I work with the porter’s a day, at the end of the day, I wish I can work longer, even late.
Amazing, ah?

Of Course Porter’s Original Paints is the head product line of paints, more expensive than normal paint. It’s all made in Australia. If you want a day working as a holiday, try one. You can’t help to stroke more with your brush.


    Zero VOC
    Natural Colour
    Fine Coverage
    Medium heavy


    More expensive than other brand product
    Not avaliable in many small paint store

The pics we provide is Porter’s original paint Premium Acrylic category with Ultra flat. The best choice for bedrooms.

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