Caulk split? Something you should know

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caulk split

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Caulking properly make a professional finish, sealant fill all the gap, then you paint on it. The surface you paint looks seamless, that’s all the painter’s expectation.
Caulking in painting industry Sydney wide often called “No more gap”, lots of master painter scorn to do it and think it easy.

Have you seen caulk split? Or caulk craze? Most painter will say “yes!” without thinking, and if you ask them why, they will say, because the sealant not dry well and moisture environment.

Have you seen caulk split above the basementboard(skirting board)? Most painter will blink their eyes and start to recall… Actually seldom people seen that situation.

Where do you often see the caulk split? Of course ceiling line, but why not skirting board?!

With the question above, we conclude 3 main reason of caulk craze:(we only talk about acrylic-based sealant)

1. Not dry enough, lot of sealant instruction write:”paintable in 1 hour”. In fact that’s lie. At least 2 hours. Yes, minimal 2 hours. If you followed coat acrylic paint, you have to wait a day long.
2. The cheesy sealant you use. There are full of product line in the market for sealant, you can’t tell what’s the different between the tubs you see, it is not necessary alway buy the dear one, but what you can do is refusing the cheapest one. Keep safe, or you waste a lot of time to fix the poor job by the uncorrect product.
3. The paint. That’s the main problem. As we use acrylic-based sealant for easier applicate, the caulk dry slow, and if you paint acrylic especially flat paint such as ceiling paint or water-base undercoat on it before the sealant 100% dry, the craze would happen in couple of hours, because the flat paint dry quicker than normal paint, (that’s why sometimes you see the lowsheen paint cover it without any problem, but not alway you can get this luck) and if it touch the surface of undried slant, the join part keep wet still, but the paint surface itself dry. Then, you can image, outside dry quick and start to solid , inside still wet and expand due to gravity(don’t forget you are sealing the ceiling line), they occur at same time, the split is unaviod happens. Actually I notice the craze surface is more like that, something expend from inside made the smooth surface split.

As the reason revealed, you can easily get the way to deal with it if you hurry to finish the job and if the job is not suitable for waiting sealant dry.

Yes, use solvent-based paint cover it first! Then paint over it.

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